Weekend Away - Flinders Part 2

For dinner that night, we went to Baihmon Thai Restaurant in Flinders. Thankfully, we had booked a table as the restaurant is quite petite and many people were turned away. 

I ordered an entrée to start with which my travelling companion helped me to finish. The ‘Mixed entrée – 2 mini spring rolls, 1 curry puff, 1 fish cake, 1 prawn roll, 1 vegetable spring roll ($12.00)’ was delicious but I thought I had better share it as I wanted to be able to eat my main course!

Mixed Entree

I chose the ‘Pad Khee Mow with prawns – stir fried fresh chilli with soft flat noodles, egg, vegetables and Thai basil ($22.50)’. The dish was super spicy with a plentiful amount of large, succulent prawns. I loved the addition of Thai basil as I’m a big fan of it and use it a lot in my cooking.

Pad Khee Mow

My travelling companion opted for the ‘Spicy Thai Fried Rice with prawns – traditional Thai style fried rice with egg, vegetables and spicy sauce ($22.50)’. This also tasted fantastic. We were provided with massive serves but the food was so good that we nearly ate the lot.

Spicy Thai Fried Rice

Address: Shop 8, 33 Cook St, Flinders, VIC

Phone: 03 5989 0784

Trading Hours:
Thus – Sun: 4.00pm – 9.30pm

Baihmon Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The following morning we strolled down to the Flinders Bakehouse Café for a late breakfast. If you have sampled some of their delightful sourdough bread baked in their wood-fired oven before, then I suggest you try their café. 

We both ordered some English breakfast tea ($3.80) which was very fragrant and the perfect way to start the morning. I cannot function until I have had a cup of tea in the morning. It must be because of the English blood running through my veins...

English Breakfast Tea

We both chose the Egg and Bacon Toasted Sandwich ($8.50) for breakfast. The huge sandwich with the gorgeous bread provided us with the energy boost we needed to continue our adventures on the Mornington Peninsula. We did spy some enormous jam donuts on a nearby table which looked very tempting indeed...

Egg & Bacon Sandwich


Address: 60 Cook St, Flinders, VIC

Phone: 03 5989 0091

Flinders Bakehouse Cafe on Urbanspoon

On our drive home, we enjoyed some fish and chips on the beach. The beach at Mornington was very chaotic so we continued on to Mt. Eliza where we found an amazing beach with very few people. I could tell you where it is but I think I will keep that a secret...


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