Friday, 7 February 2014

The Freckled Hen Café

My grandparents love going out for a cappuccino every day (sometimes two...). They have their favourite cafés that they like to frequent but today I thought I would take them out to lunch somewhere that they haven’t been before. After much research, I thought that The Freckled Hen Café up the road might be somewhere that they would like. 

The cafe is beautifully decorated, with rosebuds in wine glasses on each table. It was definitely a great place to take my grandparents, judging by all of the other grandparents that were also there... A courtyard is out the back too, if you want to sit outside.

We were not sure if they provided table service, so we waited awhile but no one ever appeared. We eventually asked for a menu at the counter. Turns out that they do indeed provide table service... Our lovely waiter poured us some glasses of water that was flavoured with lemon slices. We ordered some coffees. My latte tasted very nice but I’m not sure how much it was as there was no mention of drinks on the menu. But judging by the total bill it was probably about $3.50. Our coffees showed off some very pretty, floral coffee art. They were also accompanied by a doily and a Hershey’s Kiss.
The menu is quite limited, but they do have an all day breakfast menu with dishes such as Smashed Avocado ($14.00) and Grilled Mango and Ricotta with English Muffin ($12.00). However, if you want a really big, delicious sandwich then this is the place for you! Pop and I both chose the Corned Beef Gourmet Sandwich ($10.00): corned beef with cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce mix, avocado and relish. The two-toned sandwich was massive, but lovely and fresh. The crusts were cut off which my grandparents really appreciated. Each meal arrived on a fancy plate and also came with a differently designed serviette. 

Corned Beef Gourmet Sandwich

My Nan decided to have the Savoury Scone served warm with butter and a Red Pepper Marmalade ($5.00). This was a big hit with her. She loves savoury scones but you rarely see them at cafés. It tasted delicious and at five dollars, what a bargain!  

Savoury Scone

The staff were friendly but perhaps slightly disorganised. The little touches provided here really make this place feel quite luxurious. My grandparents absolutely loved this café and have talked about it non-stop since. Thankfully, I also thought it was a lovely café and I daresay I will be taking them there again soon...

 Address: 131 Union Rd, Surrey Hills, VIC
Phone: 03 9898 9696
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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Miss Sage Sugar's Fashion Edit - February 2014

Romance is in the air... Valentine’s Day is next week so this month’s theme is all about love. Whether your date is night or day, I have two outfits to dazzle your Valentine. Something pretty and something a little bit sexy...

Of course, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to feel beautiful...

Tokyo Flower Zip Bodycon Dress
Black Gem Abstract Drop Earrings

Balconette Bra and Lace Mini Knickers

Promise Dress
Dentelle Thong Brief

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