Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Thyme on the Terrace

For some reason I have never been to Thyme on the Terrace. I often visit Warrandyte to browse the shops, visit the market, or walk along the Yarra but strangely I never really go there for lunch or coffee. Anyway, today I thought I would try it out. It is located at the end of a strip of shops and would be lovely sitting out the front in the warmer weather. However, today was cold so we sat inside but sat in the window so we essentially had the same effect without the chill... The tables were covered in green tablecloths and the decor was Australiana. Most dishes on the menu are around $16 to $20 with some more indulgent options also available. I felt like smoked salmon and I had a number of meals to choose from such as the Salmon focaccia ($17.90) and the Yarra Catch open sandwich ($18.90). I eventually went with the Quiche with Tasmanian smoked salmon, cream cheese, spinach, kalamata olives, and caramelised onions ($16.90). Home baked on the premises and served with salad and their homemade potato wedges. This was a very generous serve and delicious! A large wedge of quiche with the novel inclusion of olives tasted really good as were the wedges. I managed to finish the lot but definitely had no room for a dessert today. My friend decided to have something from the specials board. Smoked trout and camembert tart with salad and wedges ($13.50). This too was yummy and nearly as big as my meal. Great value! The table service was friendly and efficient. The man that I assume was the owner was very hands on which is great and treated everyone equally. I hate when cafes favour customer service for regular customers at the expense of other patrons. Unfortunately, our lattes ($3.50) had a slightly burnt taste to them. Oh well, I will just have tea instead next time. There were a number of cakes available that sounded delicious but the Lemon Tart must be good as everyone there was ordering it. Not sure how much the cakes are, as the prices were not displayed. The Ice-cream cake sounded intriguing though and I don’t mean an ice-cream cake... but ice-cream baked in a cake! Very interesting and would love to try it next time.

Address: 238 Yarra St, Warrandyte, VIC.
Phone: 03 9844 2595
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Friday, 24 May 2013

Café Rondiné

The new Mooroolbark eatery, Café Rondiné, is located in what used to be the Sweet Welcome cafe. Unlike the former owners, the cafe is now open on weekends, which really makes much more sense... As most cafes are closed on Sunday in Mooroolbark, I thought I would see what the conveniently open Café Rondiné was like. The menu has definitely improved compared with the Sweet Welcome menu, with a smaller amount of choices available but more modern and affordable. You can also pre-order via SMS which is a very innovative idea. Free Wi-Fi is available too so you can check your emails while having a coffee. The menu comprises mainly of breakfast options and sandwiches with some other choices like pies, on display near the till. The Rondiné Big Breakfast ($13.00) with eggs, toast, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and relish is great value if you are looking for a filling meal. If you are after something smaller, the Egg and Bacon Muffin is only $4.50! All the eggs here are free-range which of course is great to see. Today, I was tempted by the specials board and chose the Hash Brown Special ($9.00) with eggs, spinach, and toast. I was expecting frozen hash browns but instead I was pleasantly surprised to have two yummy home-made hash browns. These were accompanied by a big serve of sautéed spinach leaves, a nice piece of toast, and two perfectly cooked eggs. My friend went with the B.E.L.T. ($9.50). A fresh and tasty sandwich of bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato was eagerly devoured and was apparently very yummy. Our lattes ($3.20) were pleasant with a nice, creamy texture. They offer a number of special deals such as a homemade muffin with coffee for just $5. Service was excellent especially considering that only one guy was working here today and he managed to serve customers, make coffee, and cook our meals. And they say that women are better at multi-tasking...

Address: 36 Brice Ave, Mooroolbark, VIC

Phone: 03 9727 1740 or SMS your order to 0433 841 874

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Three Bags Full

I thought I would take my Mum to Three Bags Full for Mother’s Day as it is so highly recommended. Well not exactly Mother’s Day, we usually celebrate Mother’s Day on the Saturday of the same weekend so that we are not confined to set menus and booking weeks in advance... Anyway, I was surprised to easily find a place to park my car, just down from the cafe. The cafe looked very busy but we managed to get a place at the elevated communal table. I was a little alarmed at first as I’ve never been a fan of communal tables but actually I found it rather enjoyable. Catching little snippets of people’s conversations was interesting and of course I got to see what other people were ordering... Plus, the tall stools we sat on were really quite comfortable. The cafe has seating out the front and the interior was sectioned into rooms and once you got used to the high noise level, it made for a pleasurable atmosphere. The service was brilliant, especially considering the size of the cafe. We received our menu and everything looked really enticing. Breakfast is served all day which is great. I eventually decided on the Twice baked French toast with crème patissiere, stewed rhubarb, and almonds ($16.50). This was so delicious! Nice to see rhubarb used instead of berries, which seems to be your average cafe’s regular standby. The crunch of the French toast and the almonds complemented the silky texture of the crème patissiere and soft rhubarb. I suggested to my Mum to try the Beetroot cured salmon with pea, feta and corn fritter, avocado, rocket, dill sour cream and lemon ($17.00) as this would definitely have been my second choice. She did and she absolutely loved it! The quality of food here is exceptional. Our lattes ($3.70) arrived and they were so good! Even my Mum who isn’t a huge coffee drinker could have ordered a couple more coffees. I wish I lived closer to this cafe as I would be coming here all the time...

Address: 60 Nicholson St, Abbotsford, VIC

Phone: 03 9421 2732

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Snow Pony

Now this cafe certainly has had mixed reviews... some people love it while others were not happy at all. So today I thought I would see for myself what Snow Pony is actually like. We found the cafe easily by the obvious white horse on the top of the cafe. The place was packed but we managed to grab some seats down the end of the window counter. We were offered some menus but then the wait began... We had to wait for ages to have our order taken. Though there were a number of waiters, they seemed to be wandering around but achieving very little. This is really bad for me and my dining companions because all that extra time allows me to change my mind as to what I should order... I was thinking of ordering the B.L.A.T. Baguette ($11.90), bacon, baby cos, smashed avocado, truss tomato and mustard aioli but I decided to go with a ‘Snow Pony Classic’ and thus ordered the Toasted banana bread ($14.90). Two large chunks of banana bread sandwiched two slices of fresh banana and maple syrup mascarpone. More of the mascarpone was added on top, then scattered with crushed pistachios and the berry compote. This was well worth the disorganised waiters. The blueberries were so plump and fresh and the very plentiful pistachios really made the dish yummy. My friend went with the ‘Bang Bang’ eggs ($15.90) which were poached on toasted grain bread with spinach, roasted red pepper and tomato, and hazelnut dukkah. Also, very good. As for beverages, judging from our bill, the coffees are $3.50. Our lattes were so delicious! I would come back here just for the coffee, it was that good. Cakes were displayed on the counter and the muffin ($4.00) available today was white chocolate and banana. Overall, very good food and coffee but someone needs to whip those boys into shape...

Address: 95 Whitehorse Rd, Deepdene, VIC.
Phone: 03 9816 8911
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Monday, 6 May 2013


A glass conservatory frontage is one of the charms of this quaint eatery in Sassafras. It would make a lovely, romantic place to have a wedding reception and luckily this is a service that they do indeed provide. Perhaps something to remember when I feel that way inclined... Anyway, we were fortunate enough today to gain a table in the corner of the conservatory section. This was definitely the best seat in the house although sitting near the parrot feeder would also be pleasant. I decided to have something from the specials board, the Roast pumpkin gnocchi served with a creamy bacon and sun-dried tomato sauce ($18.90). This was a very satisfying meal. My only suggestion would be that having a pumpkin puree in the sauce disguised the flavour of the pumpkin gnocchi. Omitting the pumpkin from the sauce would help highlight the lovely pumpkin gnocchi. My friend chose the Roast Beef ($18.90) with crispy potatoes, seasonal vegetables, gravy, and their special gourmet chutney on the side. The potatoes, beans, and carrots were delightful with the delicious gravy really lifting the meal. A clean plate suggests that this was also a satisfying meal. The desserts here are $10.90. If I had room for a dessert I would have the Sticky date pudding as it’s no secret that I absolutely adore puddings... perhaps due to my English/Irish roots... Nevertheless, today we felt like a Devonshire Tea ($8.80). Two warm scones with double whipped cream and homemade berry jam. The scones were cooked to perfection and the jam was fantastic. I would have loved more cream though but that’s just me... To go with my Devonshire Tea I ordered some Darjeeling tea ($3.80) which is one of my favourites. I’m glad I chose tea over coffee today as my friend’s latte ($3.80) was quite unpleasant. However, the table service here was faultless and we had a very enjoyable time at Fortums.

Address: 395 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras, VIC

Phone: 03 9755 1200

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