Monday, 22 July 2013

Miss Frank

Through Road in Camberwell has a couple of cafes to choose from such as Cafe Papillion and Through Road Pantry but we decided to try out Miss Frank’s. We were a little confused which door to go in as there were three front doors to choose from. In the end we went with door number three on the far right. This led straight into the lower level of the cafe where we found a cosy table. Our metal table had a novel inbuilt cutlery holder and overall the cafe had a lovely ambiance. The menu showed a tempting selection and was very reasonably priced. The Compote of rhubarb and orange served with house yoghurt and toasted brioche ($11.00) was enticing as well as the Avocado on toast with chipotle mayo, grapefruit and roasted tamari pepitas ($14.00). However, I was really drawn to the Lemon and herb crumbed chicken panino roll with a fennel and cabbage slaw and dill caper mayo ($10.50). Now the other week I did say that I am not a big fan of chicken but this sounded really yummy so I went ahead and ordered it. I’m glad I did because it was to die for... The chicken was so moist and flavoursome, the roll crunchy in a good way, and the rest matched perfectly. Definitely ordering that again. My friend went with the Croque Madame – free range ham, gruyere and herb fondue on toasted sourdough, topped with a fried egg and a side of piccalilli ($15.00). This was apparently very delicious and looked quite a filling meal. As for coffee, our lattes ($3.80) were very nice with just a little bit of panela sugar to sweeten them. Service was efficient but perhaps the waiter could have been a tad jollier. He did drop some cutlery on me but I tend to have that affect on people... This is definitely one of my new favourite places to eat in the area.

Lemon and herb crumbed Chicken Panino Roll

Address: 200 Through Rd, Camberwell, VIC.

Phone: 03 9078 5351
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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crepes Suzette Recipe

It’s Bastille Day today so I thought that I should road test a French recipe this week. Well... the recipe turned out to be delicious but it did make a LOT of sauce so I would definitely make a smaller portion... maybe even halve it. Bon appetite!

The recipe is from Delicious magazine - April 2002, page 98.

Makes 6


·        100g plain flour

·        Pinch of salt

·        1 egg

·        1 egg yolk

·        300ml milk

·        1 tbs unsalted butter, melted plus extra to fry

·        Ice-cream, to serve


·        100g caster sugar

·        35g unsalted butter

·        150ml orange juice

·        1 orange, zested

·        3 tbs Grand Marnier or Cointreau

·        2 tbs brandy

1.    Place first six ingredients in a food processor and whiz until combined and mixture forms a smooth batter. Pour into a jug, and let sit for 30 minutes. Heat a small frying pan over medium-high heat. Carefully brush the pan with a little melted butter. Tilting the pan slightly, pour in enough batter (about 2-3 tablespoons) to just cover the base. Cook for 1-2 minutes until base of the crepe is lightly browned.

2.    Carefully flip the crepe to brown the other side. Transfer to a plate and repeat until batter is used.

3.    To make the sauce, heat sugar and 1 tablespoon water in a frying pan over low heat, stirring to dissolve sugar. Add butter, increase heat to medium and cook for 4-5 minutes until golden brown. Add orange juice and zest, and simmer for a few minutes. Pour in liqueur and brandy and stir to combine. Dip a crepe into the sauce, then fold it into quarters and place on a serving plate.

4.    Repeat with remaining crepes, serving 2-3 per person. Serve with ice-cream.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Chocolate Pudding Recipe

This chocolate pudding is so easy to make and tastes delicious. I make this if I have friends or family drop by as I usually have the ingredients hanging around the kitchen. You can make different versions such as jaffa by adding some orange zest or mocha by adding some coffee. Adding some dried chilli flakes is also a wonderful variation if you want to spice things up... maybe when your lover drops by next time... Enjoy!

The recipe is from the Australian Good Taste magazine - June 2006, page 90.


·        Melted butter, to grease

·        150g (1 cup) self-raising flour

·        100g (1/2 cup) caster sugar

·        2 tbs cocoa powder

·        125ml (1/2 cup) milk

·        50g butter, melted

·        1 egg, lightly whisked

·        Thickened cream, to serve

Chocolate sauce

·        155g (3/4 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar

·        2 tbs cocoa powder

·        375ml (1 1/2 cups) boiling water

1.    Preheat oven to 180°C. Brush a 1.5L (6-cup) capacity ovenproof dish with melted butter to lightly grease.

2.    Combine the flour, sugar and cocoa powder in a medium bowl. Make a well in the centre. Combine the milk, butter and egg in a large jug. Gradually pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture and stir until well combined. Pour into the prepared dish and use the back of a spoon to smooth the surface.

3.    To make the chocolate sauce, sift the sugar and cocoa powder into a bowl. Sprinkle over the pudding mixture in the dish. Gently pour the boiling water over the cocoa mixture.

4.    Bake in oven for 40-45 minutes or until a cake-like top forms and a skewer inserted halfway into the centre comes out clean. Set aside for 5 minutes to cool slightly. Serve with thickened cream, if desired.

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