The Food Smith

Delicious looking meals are displayed in the front window of The Food Smith in Hampton to entice you in... The Food Smith is a food store/café where you can pick up your dinner on your way home from work and enjoy a homemade meal without the effort. They pride themselves on the quality of their food and try to source their products locally where possible. The seating in the café is fairly limited and I would say that the focus is more food store than café.

·        Toasted banana bread with banana and honey ($10.00)
·        Roast tomato and Meredith goat’s cheese on sourdough toast ($12.50)
·        Marsha’s granola with poached or fresh fruit and Schulz yoghurt ($12.50)
·        Smithy Breakfast Roll – crisp bacon, free-range egg and tomato relish ($12.50)

I was going out for dinner that night so I wanted something light. I chose the ‘Savoury Muffin ($5.00)’ which arrived on a wooden board with a pat of butter. Unfortunately, they had reheated the muffin to oblivion so it collapsed into a pile of mush. It was difficult to part the muffin away from the baking paper so most of it was left behind. A very light meal indeed... The actual muffin with pumpkin and capsicum was not very exciting and needed some cheese to add flavour.

Savoury Muffin

My dining companion picked the ‘Ham and Brie Tart with salad ($12.50)’. The salad was delightful but the tart was bland.

Ham and Brie Tart

The Iced chai with ice-cream ($5.00) sounded good but it was a rainy day so I decided to have a coffee. My Latte ($3.90) made with Dukes Coffee and Schulz organic milk from Timboon tasted wonderful. Coconut sugar was offered on our table which made an interesting change.


We were not sure if they provided table service or not as we did receive some table service to begin with when we ordered our coffees. In the end, I ordered the food at the counter.

Address: 486 Hampton Street, Hampton, VIC 

Phone: 03 9533 4441


Trading Hours:
Mon – Fri: 8.00am – 6.00pm
Sat: 8.00am – 4.00pm
Sun: 9.00am – 3.00pm

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P.S. Another eatery nearby is the White Rabbit...


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