Weekend Away - Flinders Part 1

To make the most of this gorgeous autumn weather, we decided to take a trip down to Flinders for the weekend... We explored Red Hill on our way to Flinders and stopped by Montalto for lunch. The vineyard is the perfect setting to enjoy a leisurely lunch. The view from the Piazza Café where we dined was just breathtaking.

As we were at a winery, we ordered some wine. The 2014 Pennon Hill Moscato ($9.00) was stunning. Starting off sweet, the moscato had a dry, lingering finish.  


Also, as I am a lover of craft beer, I tried the Montalto Ale ($7.00) - an American-style pale ale with heaps of hop aroma and balancing bitterness. I really enjoyed the fruitiness of this ale and would highly recommend it.


We shared a pizza between us. If you are really hungry, then I would suggest ordering one each. We picked the ‘Mushrooms, fetta, sage, balsamic reduction’ pizza ($17.00). The pizza matched delightfully with our drinks and had sweet undertones.


 Address: 33 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South, VIC

Phone: 03 5989 8412

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We explored Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm and some of the shops at Red Hill before enjoying afternoon tea at the Red Hill Epicurean. This multi-functional venue flaunts the premium local produce and wine of the region. You can dine at the Bakery/Café or The Shed which is a ‘cucina’ style restaurant. There are some very tempting goodies to purchase...

The Shed


We dined in the Bakery/Café area but there were no menus so I am unsure what the prices were. My latte was lovely and worked perfectly with the cake I opted for.


We both chose an elegant looking cake that appeared to consist of a lemon poppy-seed base, a swirl of citrus curd, with a fresh raspberry on top. This cake was simply to die for! The base was crunchy and the zingy curd balanced the sweetness of the cake. The fresh raspberry was an explosion of heavenly raspberry goodness. Never will I eat inferior raspberries again! We were informed later that it was a new cake that they were trying which also happened to be gluten free.


Address: 165 Red Hill-Shoreham Rd, Red Hill, VIC 

Phone: 03 5989 4000

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Weekend Away - Flinders Part 2 coming soon...


  1. This looks like such a gorgeous, perfect day. I've been meaning to get to Montalto. It looks lovely.


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