Friday, 22 August 2014

Shizuku Ramen

Miss Sage Sugar was invited by Shizuku Ramen

A bowl of steaming ramen is just the thing to warm you up on a cold winter’s day... What better place to go than a restaurant that claims that they have the best ramen in Melbourne! Shizuku Ramen offers delicious Japanese cuisine with a modern spin. You may have heard of their Ramen Burger ($15.00) which is a ‘bun’ made of ramen noodles with either a candied pork belly or miso glazed eggplant filling. Shizuku Ramen also has an extensive craft beer list and they are more than happy to help you match your beer with your selected ramen.  

We arrived for lunch and went for a non-alcoholic beverage. It was a bit cold that day for a beer... We ordered some Japanese Tea ($4.50). The tea was yummy and refreshing and tasted a bit like Weetbix!

We started off with some ‘Gyoza Classic ($10.00): six pieces of pan fried pork mince and cabbage dumplings, spring onions and a homemade, tangy sesame vinaigrette’. Three dumplings each was not enough for us as they were just so good! Next time I definitely need to order double...
Gyoza Classic

I decided to have the ‘Vegetarian Ramen ($15.00) with mixed vegetables’. I chose the miso option. A massive bowl of gorgeous ramen arrived that was packed full of vegetables and noodles. The heavenly broth was creamy and not too salty. I loved it so much I ate my way through most of the bowl until I could not physically eat any more!
Vegetarian Ramen

My dining companion picked the ‘Ebi Shio Ramen ($17.00): a hakata sea salt flavoured soup, scallop infused oil, fresh prawns, and vegetables’. The broth was fragrant and divine. The bowl contained a plentiful amount of succulent prawns.
Ebi Shio Ramen

The restaurant also has a nifty, easy to use online booking system that allows you to confirm via SMS. I can’t wait to return and enjoy another bowl of their delightful ramen and work my way through their craft beer list...

Address: 309 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, VIC

Phone: 03 9995 8180


Trading Hours:
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm
         5.30pm – 10.00pm
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