Thursday, 28 August 2014


I’ll admit it. I do spend a lot of time in Maling Road, Canterbury. This is apparent to everyone who knows me as I usually organise our catch-ups there... Anyway, whilst I have visited nearly all the cafés in Maling Road, I have not blogged them all. So today I am writing a blog about BetweenUs which I have been to a couple of times before. Last time I visited, I had the ‘Salmon Provencal: potato roestis, sautéed spinach, smoked salmon with poached eggs and hollandaise ($19.00)’, which was lovely but it is only available at breakfast time.

This time I am here for lunch so I was obliged to order something from the lunch menu. I saw a lot of the ‘Zucchini Feta Fritters with house yoghurt sauce and roasted tomato ($18.00)’ being sent out to eager patrons. However, I decided to have the ‘Beef sliders: premium eye fillet, spicy capsicum, rocket, mozzarella with mini buns ($18.00)’. The beef was cooked to perfection and melted in the mouth. Although, the overall flavour of the sliders was a little dreary. They needed the addition of something creamy like an aioli. The spicy capsicum and the mozzarella didn’t provide much impact either. The seeded bun was a little dense so perhaps a brioche bun would have made the dish more enjoyable.
Beef Sliders

My dining companion chose the ‘Prawns, avocado purée, fresh shaved zucchini, sliced lemon with dill ($18.00)’. Unfortunately, the prawns were overcooked and very rubbery. There was not a lot going on with this dish so you really need to make sure everything is perfect. The browning avocado purée was somewhat uninviting. The dish definitely needed a little bit of zing. The lemons slices appeared to be absent.


Our lattes ($3.50) tasted great and were very large indeed. A BetweenUs coffee and one of their gorgeous looking homemade cakes would make a brilliant afternoon tea...

The café is usually bustling with people and can be quite noisy. In the past, the service has been rather slow to take your order but they were very attentive today. I might skip the lunch menu in the future, but I would still drop by for a luscious coffee or some brunch...

Address: 141 Maling Road, Canterbury, VIC

Phone: 03 9830 7915
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