Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Vegie Bar

I’m an ex-vegetarian but I still really love vegetarian food so I was excited to try the Vegie Bar in Fitzroy. Vegie Bar is a vegetarian eatery that also has many vegan and raw options to choose from. We arrived just before noon to beat the crowds and easily found a table. By the time we had finished, it was buzzing with people. It has a great vibe with some cool music playing. You would think this place would be full of hipsters but it looks like everyone is loving what the Vegie Bar has to offer.

Table service is provided and everyone was very friendly. We ordered some coffee’s ($3.50) to start with and they tasted great. Now for the food... The starters included Samosa ($2.90) and Gyoza Dumplings ($6.50). The Vegie Bar has a reputation for huge portions so we skipped the starters this time. I was tempted by the Mee Goreng ($15.00) and the Tofu burger on a chia bun ($9.00). I finally decided to go with a vegan option: a regular size Moroccan Pizza ($12.50). An infusion of fresh tomato and hommus base, topped with mushrooms, roasted pumpkin, eggplant, red capsicum, olives, and finished with toasted sesame seeds. It had a beautifully thin base and was extremely delicious. I’m glad I went for a vegan option for a change.

Moroccan Pizza
My friend chose the Mexican Burrito ($15.00): tortilla bread with refried kidney beans, spinach, onion, and mushrooms, served with rice and topped with melted cheese, chilli, sour cream and guacamole. Corn chips also appeared on the plate. My friend loved it but it was massive and couldn’t eat it all. I had to help a little bit...  
Mexican Burrito
The raw cakes were intriguing but we didn’t have any room left for a sweet. This place is seriously great value and I can’t wait to come back.
Address: 380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC.

Phone: 03 9417 6935

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  1. Oh man, Vegie Bar is one of my favourites except I get so overwhelmed with choices when I go there. I'm not used to having so many options! I find it's best to go in a group so we can order lots of different things to share!
    You should try the cakes next time, I've had some amazing desserts there!

  2. I definitely will try a cake next time. They looked delicious :)


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