On the last day of winter, we thought we would go to Ora in Kew before their winter menu was no more. This small cafe is very popular which can make it difficult to get a seat. Today, two lone seats had our name on them so we snapped them up. Everyone is very friendly here and the service is faultless. It has a lovely community feel to it. I was tapping my toe to the background music thinking this is great stuff. Then it twigged that it was my favourite CD playing, The Boat that Rocked soundtrack. Obviously they have great taste in music as well... Ora’s winter menu included the Parsley Veloute ($18.00) with smoked ham hock and crispy poached egg, the Korean BBQ Beef Roll ($18.00) with wombok, chilli and coriander, and the Beetroot Terrine ($17.00) with horseradish, goats curd and rye toast. I decided to have the LFC Roll ($17.00) with collard greens and creamed corn mayo. The Louisiana Fried Chicken was so delicious and juicy. Everything on the plate was delicious really... The roll was packed full of goodies like asparagus and bacon. I really hope they keep this on the menu.
LFC Roll
My friend chose the Cauliflower Croquette ($16.00) with fontina cheese and sweet onion ketchup. This consisted of three croquettes with lots of fresh herbs on top that really made the dish zing. Another very yummy meal...
Cauliflower Croquette
Our lattes ($3.50) tasted amazing and it didn’t hurt that the barista was gorgeous... The cakes also looked gorgeous and will have to try one next time. I’m very much looking forward to sampling their new spring menu...  

Address: 156 Pakington St, Kew, VIC.
Phone: 03 9855 2002

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