Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In the Vegie Patch - September 2014

A Snow Pear (Pyrus nivalis) in the backyard split in half during those big winds a while ago. It was sad to see the pear go but it did create a new sunny section of the garden. The perfect place to start a vegie patch...

Using some pavers that my Pop made, we created a path through the middle of the space leading to my cats, Archie and Villikens, favourite seat.  

In some old chimney pots, I planted some strawberries. In the bigger pot I planted ‘Sweetest’, which is supposed to be exceptionally sweet and low in acid. In the smaller pot I planted ‘Lowanna’, which is high yielding and fruits for a long period. Villikens was showing off for the camera...

Strawberries, Russian Kale and Villikens enjoying the sun...
The path is bordered with ‘Salad Days’ lettuce. I chose this variety as they don’t form hearts so the leaves can be picked as needed.

Variegated Thyme between the pavers
On the left side of the patch, I planted some Rainbow Beetroot, Spring Onions, and sowed some radishes and dill. I also put in a capsicum plant, ‘Sweet Stuff’, which is high yielding. There is still some more room for some different varieties of vegetables on both sides.

Rainbow Beetroot, Spring Onions, and Lettuce
On the right hand side, I have planted Rainbow Silverbeet (Beta Vulgaris). I’ve planted quite a bit of this as my two Princess Parrots, Rex and Ruby, love eating the stalks. Red Russian Kale (Brassica Oleracea), which has a mild, sweet flavour, is also dispersed around the patch.


I bought some Pizza Thyme (Thymus nummularis) which is quite rampant. The roots in the pot had grown right through into the dirt it was resting upon! I’ve only planted it recently and it has already grown and spread. The leaves smell and taste like a mixture of oregano and thyme which is perfect for Italian cooking.

Pizza Thyme
I thought I would try some ‘Red Veined’ Sorrel (Rumex Sanguineus) in a pot to use when I am cooking seafood. The ruby veins make an interesting difference from regular sorrel.

'Red Veined' Sorrel

Also, I have bought some Cat Thyme (Teucrium Marum) which my cats go absolutely bananas for. Forget Catnip, go get your cat some Cat Thyme! It also has lovely reddish purple flowers in the summer. Hopefully my small, struggling plant grows bigger but it keeps getting chewed and smothered by my addicted felines.

Cat Thyme
I have some zucchinis and tomatoes to go in soon. Anyway, we will see how everything goes over the coming months...

What are you planting in your vegie patch at the moment?


  1. You have an awesome vegie patch! I leave ours up to hubby but we are currently finishing off the winter vegies (peas, broad beans, spinach and rocket) and the plan for the summer crop is tomatoes, cucumber, chilis and jalepenos. And of course, we have a heap of different herbs in as well. So nice to be able to walk out the back door and pick fresh food!

    1. It sounds great! Yes, I must put in some chilli plants...

  2. What a great space! I love seeing what people can grow when they have the room! My poor little balcony can only fit so much on it!


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