Monday, 22 September 2014

Cafe Papillon

The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity... or so they say. Whilst I do enjoy visiting Miss Frank, today I thought we should try the ‘butterfly’ over the road, Papillon.

The breakfast menu is available all day with dishes such as ‘Spanish baked beans with chorizo, fried egg and crumbled marinated feta served with soy and quinoa sourdough toast ($14.00)’ and ‘Toasted banana bread served with berry compote and maple syrup mascarpone ($12.00)’. If you are after something smaller, they have a variety of jaffles for $8.00.
I decided to have the ‘House made frittata with leafy salad ($10.00)’. The frittata contained smoked salmon, dill and dollops of cream cheese. The frittata was mild in flavour which could have been boosted with some onion or a sharper cheese. However, the side salad was incredibly delicious. The spinach leaves, avocado, feta, and zucchini were nicely dressed. They should definitely put this on their menu as a meal just on its own. Yum!

My dining companion chose the ‘House made savoury quiche with leafy salad ($10.00)’. Again, the quiche was a bit bland. The salad outshone the main element once more.

Savoury Quiche
It took quite a long time for our food to arrive considering the number of patrons but the staff were lovely. My latte ($3.60), made with Gigante Coffee beans, was robust in flavour.

I would probably say this cafe is more of a caterpillar than a butterfly but it does have potential...

Address: 928 Riversdale Rd, Surrey Hills, VIC

Phone: 0425 768 135

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