Wednesday, 28 August 2013

HuTong Dumpling Bar

Sunday in the city is a great time to do a little exploring and dining as there are less people to contend with. We felt like some dumplings today so we headed over to Chinatown. The HuTong Dumpling Bar is highly ranked on Urbanspoon so we thought we would give it a go. Our spontaneous desire for dumplings meant that we had no booking, so I was a little concerned that we might not get a table. However, as it was just before noon, they managed to squeeze us in. With some commands into his walkie-talkie, the man on the door ushered us upstairs. We ordered some Chinese tea ($6.00 for two) to start with whilst we perused the giant menu. The waiter poured our tea and overall the service was very efficient. We decided to share a selection from the dumpling menu. We started with the Steamed Garlic Chive Dumplings with Minced Prawns ($8.00 for 4). A lovely tasting dumpling that I could have easily eaten twenty more of. Although today my chopstick skills were severely lacking...

Garlic Chive & Prawn Dumplings

Next was the Boiled Dumpling stuffed with Spinach ($7.00 for 6). I enjoyed this dumpling perhaps slightly more than the first. A very yummy filling that reminded me of the filling you get in a spring roll. The problem with dumplings is that once you start, you just want more and more...

Spinach Dumplings

Finally, we shared a Spring Onion Pancake ($6.50). This complemented our dumplings and was very scrumptious.

Spring Onion Pancake

Our lunch of dumplings in the CBD has only increased my desire to try more places that serve dumplings. Thankfully, a delightful blog post from Hold the Peas about the Dumpling Kitchen in Blackburn South has provided a local opportunity for my next dumpling fix.
Address: 14-16 Market Lane, Melbourne, VIC.
Phone: 03 9650 8128
HuTong Dumpling Bar on Urbanspoon


  1. Thanks for the mention! I do love HuTong, but Dumpling Kitchen is much closer and convenient. :-)

  2. My pleasure :) Can’t wait to try it


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