Friday, 12 October 2012

Svaks Passion for Cake and Coffee

Serendipity intervened when deciding to visit the Basin Music festival. With a sudden urge for a coffee, I came across one of the eastern suburbs hidden secrets. One visit was all it took for Svaks to become one of my favourite foodie destinations. The staff are very friendly and the service is excellent. They offer a vast range of quality sweet and savoury treats which are incredible value. The pancake stack is a popular choice ($6.50) which is a wonderful creation. Layers of pancakes are filled with avocado, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes and béchamel sauce and served warm. There are also pies and quiches ($4.00) among other savoury offerings. Coffee is excellent ($3.50). Always hot with a smooth taste. If you still have room for something sweet then the Danishes ($3.50) are delicious, especially the cherry! There are too many cakes on offer for me to include them all here. However, I would highly recommend the fruit tart, carrot cake, and lemon meringue pie ($4.50). Sweet servings are generous and can easily be shared between two people. Oops, now the secret is out but sometimes things are too good that they have to be shared... Enjoy!

Address: 1325 Mountain Hwy, The Basin, VIC.
Phone: 03 9761 1617
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