Monday, 29 October 2012

Indulgence Cafe

$3.00 for a coffee... no wonder it is getting so difficult to find a table. This place is getting so popular now, and so it should be. Situated in the Pines shopping centre is a bustling cafe where you can have a rest from your shopping spree and enjoy anything from a light lunch to a massive meal to a sweet treat. The menu is extensive and you would be hard pressed not to find something that tempted your tastebuds. If I am feeling really hungry, I love the BLT Focaccia ($9.50) which consists of short cut bacon rashers, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise with a side of chips and salad. All day breakfast options such as Eggs on Toast ($6.50) are always good. You can create your own sandwich fillings which are then served on huge slices of bread that make the biggest sandwich you have ever seen. The Zucchini Frittata ($7.50) served with salad is also appetising and allows you some space to perhaps indulge in a sweet. A ‘small’ slice of cake is $3.90! Believe me, you only need a small. Many choices are available including a berry cheesecake and a lemon, lime, and pear tart. For something less rich, the banana bread ($3.50) is super yummy, toasted and served with butter. There is a coffee card available too where you get the sixth coffee free. Or if you would prefer something stronger, a glass of wine is $4.50 or grab a beer for $4.00. The wait staff here are so friendly! I am pleasantly surprised to be always asked how my coffee and meal was as this simple act of customer service is so unusual nowadays. This cafe is a delight and should be part of your next visit to the Pines.

Address: Shop 80, 181 Reynolds Rd, Doncaster East, VIC

Phone: 03 9841 4980

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