Monday, 11 May 2015

The Pour Kids

Pour Kids... Not poor kids. I don’t think that there is anyone who is poor in Malvern... Pour Kids I assume refers to the liquid kind. Preferably coffee and the coffee here is indeed very enjoyable. The food however is affordable for all with a fantastic sandwich list as well as a menu that focuses heavily on breakfast options. The kids are also catered for. The café is tucked down a side street off Glenferrie Road and is a double fronted cafe with multi-coloured chairs and patchwork walls.

·        Chick-a-peas Appeaser - Ciabatta roll with a spiced chickpea ragout, pickled eggplant and organic yoghurt ($11.00)
·        Duck for Cover - Italian-style pork sausage, with burnt-butter gnocchi, fried egg and Swiss chard ($16.50)
·        Out and a-trout - sautéed exotic mushrooms on toast with braised leek, smoked trout  and fresh tarragon ($17.50) 
·        Yankee Doodle went to Town – macaroni pasta with Pyengana aged cheddar ($6.00) *kids menu

We both decided to have something from the ‘Ode to the Earl (of sandwich)’ section of the menu. I picked the ‘Identity Crisis – a French baguette filled with sautéed Swiss brown mushrooms and Italian Taleggio cheese ($11.00)’. There must have been a shortage of French baguettes as my sandwich had morphed into a ciabbatta roll... Not that I am complaining, my ciabbatta roll was much easier to eat than my baguette probably would have been. The filling was delightful. The copious amount of mushrooms were melded by the molten Taleggio and a great bargain at $11!

Identity Crisis

My dining companion opted for the ‘Appetite Sopressa - Sopressa salami, Pyengana cheddar, balsamic-pickled onion and mizuna lettuce on ciabbatta roll ($11.00)’. This sandwich was also a lovely but filling lunch.

Appetite Sopressa

Tea is by Larsen & Thompson Leaf Teas ($3.80) and you can also get prepaid coffee cards for $35.00 (10 small coffees) and $40 (10 large coffees). My latte ($3.80) made with Axil Coffee was delicious.


The café was quite busy and cramped but we didn’t have any problems with service.

Address: 1E Winter Street, Malvern, VIC

Phone: 03 9077 3847

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P.S. Other eateries nearby are Terminus Lane, Fergus, and Mr Foxx...

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