Lights In The Attic

It was a rainy day and like a lantern beckoning us in from the gloom, shone Lights in the Attic. The interior was industrial but cosy with a bit of quirkiness provided by a sprinkle of scientific laboratory equipment. The menu is focused squarely on breakfast. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs... It’s not just your average eggs and bacon breakfast though. There are some really creative combinations to start your day... or afternoon. If you are after something less complex, then you can create your own breakfast easily from the menu.

·        Finding Nemo – salmon scrambled eggs with fish bonito and flying fish roe mayo ($17.50)
·        Wild Forrest – chilli scrambled eggs with potato made mushrooms, bacon, pork crackling, and pork floss on the top ($18.00)
·        Attic Pizza – fried eggs, bacon and blue cheese with garlic roti pizza base, served with hand-cut sweet potato chips and homemade maple nut sauce ($18.50)
·        Teriyaki Tofu Salad -  mixed greens, cherry tomato, cucumber and teriyaki tofu ($13.00)

I chose the ‘Chilli Eggs – with bacon, spinach, chilli concasse and hollandaise sauce on top of the toast ($17.00)’. Yum! The chilli concasse, egg yolks and hollandaise swirled together to make a very moreish emulsion atop the crunchy Dench bread and smoky bacon. I also received a big hit of iron from the seriously massive amount of verdant sautéed spinach. Although I love to keep my life spicy, I would have preferred a bigger chilli kick.

Chilli Eggs

My dining companion picked the ‘Bird Nest – Scotch eggs with potato chips nest and kransky chilli beans base, grated parmesan cheese on top ($18.00)’. I watched as my dining companion worked up a sweat whilst eating this meal. It must have been very spicy indeed. The yolks were gooey inside and the potato provided a crunchy element. It was another delicious offering.

Bird Nest

Match your eggs with a healthy Cold Pressed Juice ($6.50) or be a little bit naughty with an organic hot chocolate ($5.00). My latte ($3.80) made with their own signature dark roasted blend by Atomica Coffee and A2 milk was rich in flavour and very gratifying.


The service was fantastic and we were even provided a coffee card with our day’s coffees already checked off by our lovely waiter. 

Address: 38 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, VIC 

Phone: 03 9813 5042



Trading Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 4.00pm
Sat – Sun: 8.00am – 4.00pm

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P.S. Other eateries nearby are CoffeeHead and Prospect Espresso...


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