Friday, 23 January 2015

Crabapple Kitchen

Crabapple Kitchen (or Crapapple Kitchen as I fondly like to refer to since my boyfriend accidently once misspelt the name when we first started dating...) offers a travel inspired menu based on owner/chef Greg Feck’s personal adventures abroad. A highlight of the Crabapple Kitchen is their Friday Night Flights where you can enjoy a five course menu based on a particular destination for $45.00 per person. Much cheaper than an actual flight... Upcoming Friday Night Flights include Verona and Santorini but you can check out all their future ‘flights’ on their website.

  • Smoked ocean trout on toasted rye bread with shaved cornichon, red onion, capers, seaweed caviar, horseradish crème fraiche and young celery ($18.00)
  •  Breakfast burrito with black turtle beans and corn, pickled jicama, guacamole with tomatillo and coriander, scrambled egg, cheese, onion and chipotle cream ($18.50)
  • Lemon and parmesan risotto with heirloom tomatoes, marjoram, burrata cheese, dill pollen and aged balsamic vinegar ($24.00)
  • Soft shell crab salad with green mango, pomelo, crispy shallots, roasted peanuts, kaffir lime, snake beans and a chilli and tamarind dressing ($24.00)

I chose the ‘The Hung Bun: Bacon, melted Gruyere cheese, our own tomato ketchup, dill pickles, Gem lettuce and aioli in a warm brioche and sesame bun ($12.50)’. I also added some fries (+$3.50) because I was extra hungry. It was the perfect dish to order when you have had a little too much to drink the night before... Salty, creamy and just so moreish, it definitely was comfort food.  

The Hung Bun

My dining companion decided to have the ‘Cauliflower, Jerusalem artichoke and cheese croquettes with white anchovy aioli and soused Farmer’s Market vegetables ($14.50)’. A gentle stroke of a knife cracked open these beautifully crunchy croquettes causing them to ooze their luscious filling. The vegetables and lemon wedge cut back the richness.

Cauliflower Croquettes

Crabapple Kitchen has an impressive drinks list with a variety of wines available as well as a number of cocktails. When the weather is warm, I tend to order the Trumer Pilsner on tap ($7.50 for 300ml). I felt like a hot drink on this occasion and rather than ordering my favourite Melbourne Breakfast T2 Tea ($4.50), I opted for a latte ($3.50) made with Campos Coffee. Unfortunately, my latte was not the best I’ve had here and wished I had chosen the tea instead...


The staff have clearly been well trained as they always provide spectacular service with a smile.

Address: 659 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, VIC

Phone: 03 9078 5492


Trading Hours:
Mon - Sun: 7.00am – 5.00pm
Fri: Open from 6pm for Friday Night Flights

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P.S. Other eateries nearby are Axil Coffee Roasters, Omah’s and Liar,Liar... 

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  1. Having just organized an event last week, I was eager to tell everyone about this place. We had the perfect events NYC, thanks to their amazing service.


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