The Kettle Black

A rose between two thorns... A Victorian terrace enveloped by towering modern buildings. The Kettle Black actually occupies both with flair. It is the latest venture from the team behind the popular cafés Top Paddock and Two Birds One Stone. It focuses strongly on one of this year’s buzzwords, provenance, where suppliers are proudly displayed on their menu. The interior designed by Studio You Me has a fresh green and white theme. As with Top Paddock, the floral displays are unique and visually stunning. Top Paddock is also now opening for dinner on Friday nights.



·        Chilli scrambled eggs with air-dried Flinders wallaby, feta and leaves ($18.00)

·        Tataki ocean trout with a raw kale and pickled seaweed salad, nuts and poached eggs ($20.00)

·        Robbins Island wagyu skirt steak with house-made mustard, seasonal fruit relish and leaves on the Kettle Black bun ($23.00)

·        Fresh kingfish with potato crisps, tomato, avocado and leaves ($23.00)



I chose the ‘King Island Crayfish in an ash roll with native coastal spinach, lime and yuzu mayonnaise ($21.00)’. The dish not only tasted wonderful but was beautifully presented with the edible flowers peeking out from within. I devoured the plentiful and succulent crayfish, stopping only to address the zesty juices running down my arms... I found this meal to be very good value as many cafés charge around $20 for just a big breakfast.

King Island Crayfish
My dining companion picked the ‘Burrata with raw heirloom tomato, burnt rainbow chard, vinegar and toast ($17.00)’. The tomatoes were lovely and sweet and full of flavour and the burrata was creamy and rich. However, the burnt chard didn’t add much to the dish.


The Kettle Black uses Five Senses Coffee and Larsen & Thompson Tea. Our lattes ($4.00) were delightful.


The service at Kettle Black was so much better than Top Paddock. The staff were efficient and genuinely friendly. There can be a bit of a wait for a table on weekends.

Address: 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 03 9088 0721


Trading Hours: Mon – Fri: 7.00 am – 4.00 pm
                                                                     Sat – Sun: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm

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