Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Manchester Press

All this talk of bagels lately in foodie circles has made me desperately crave one. Therefore on my lunch-break today I headed over to Manchester Press. Manchester Press is located down the end of Rankins Lane, on the right hand side. Just look for the sign with ‘MP’.

It is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city and is a great place to unwind. The menu contains all-day breakfast, toasted bagel, and salad options. From the breakfast menu, I liked the sound of the ‘Fruit and nut bagel topped with mixed berry mascarpone, strawberries and pistachio dust’ ($12.00). However, I felt like something savoury today. With so many lovely flavour combinations, I found it difficult to decide. I narrowed it down to two. The ‘Thick sliced pastrami with sliced tomato, sauerkraut and swiss cheese and thousand island dressing’ or the ‘Avocado, fetta, chilli and mint smash with cherry tomatoes, roquette and pine nuts’ ($13.00). I eventually ordered the avocado bagel. You have some choices regarding the type of bagel including wholemeal, plain, and sesame. I chose a poppy seed bagel. What a scrumptious delight this was! It was also unbelievably filling... A mountain of the avocado smash with just the right amount of mint topped my bagel. This also came with a side salad. I absolutely loved this dish!

Avocado Bagel
My latte ($3.50) was very delicious. They obviously know what they are doing... The staff were very attentive and provided faultless service. I very much enjoyed my lunch at Manchester Press and plan on spending more of my lunch-breaks here in the future.

Address: 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne, VIC
 Phone: 03 9600 4054
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  1. Thanks for sharing !
    That avo looks absolutely delicious. One of the best avo smashes I've had !

  2. Yum! That bagel looks delicious, avo and feta are such an unbeatable combination!

    1. So true! The touch of mint was also great. I’ve never really used mint in my cooking but now I am giving it a go :)


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