Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Red Brick Cafe

I have been hearing wonderful things about this charming little cafe tucked away in Mont Albert Road so I had to see for myself what was generating such excitement. I’ve always had this notion that I knew what a good coffee tasted like but today I was proven wrong. The coffee ($3.50) at the Red Brick Cafe is simply amazing. In fact, so amazing that I will find it quite difficult to go anywhere else for my next latte. Fear not my lovelies, I shall continue my food quest. The menu included a variety of interesting choices but I eventually decided on the Breakfast Bruschetta with two poached eggs ($13.50). This dish consisted of roasted tomatoes, smashed avocado, roquette, and feta on a piece of toast, with a balsamic reduction and the two poached eggs crowning the meal. Very delicious. My friend opted for the Breakfast Taco De Harina ($14.50). Served on a wooden chopping board, the tortilla was filled with scrambled eggs, mango relish, roasted tomatoes, spinach, bacon, and cheese. Even more delicious apparently, so I think I will order this next time. Or perhaps the Smashed Pumpkin ($10.50). The combination of pumpkin, roquette, pine nuts and fetta sounds very tempting. A quick perusal of the cakes (under $5.00) revealed some intriguing choices including a Hazelnut and Cranberry Meringue Cake. I love the gorgeous chandeliers and the fancy bottles the water comes in. I also love the fact that they provide table service. Why can’t all cafes offer this? It should be an essential element rather than an occasional occurrence. The wait staff are warm and efficient. I’m always impressed when they can remember your order without writing it down. A wonderful experience and can’t wait to visit again.

Address: 215 Mont Albert Rd, Surrey Hills, VIC. 

Phone: 03 9836 0009



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