Monday, 26 November 2012

Carriage Cafe Seville

A friend suggested to me a wonderful cafe in Seville they had discovered just off the Warburton Trail. This cafe also happens to be created from a train carriage... Well, I had to check out this place. This cafe certainly is hidden away. We turned off at the roundabout in the Warburton Highway and headed down a bucolic road until we spied a train carriage to our left. This is such a popular place! Even horses seem to enjoy coming here (or maybe that is due to their owners wanting a break on the trail). In front of the carriage is a large deck. As it was a lovely day, all the tables on the deck were taken. So instead we grabbed a table in the actual carriage. Of course this was our first choice anyway and much more in the spirit of the setting. Although, the children running up and down the corridor of the carriage was rather annoying. We perused the menu and found an interesting and tasty selection. Then I saw that a cappuccino was $2.80! Fantastic value. I chose the Roast Pumpkin Galette ($8.50). A puff pastry tart filled with roast pumpkin, sundried tomatoes, baby spinach, and Persian feta. Very yummy. My friend picked the Open Smoked Chicken Sandwich ($10.50). A thick slice of pastadura with garden salad, smoked chicken, and beetroot coleslaw. Also, delicious. We did have to wait some time for our food though. The sweet options were delightfully different from your usual cafe ‘fare’. Plus, the cakes ($5.50) are homemade. You can even have homemade ice-cream ($3.00). The cafe is closed on Monday and Wednesday but it is open on public holidays. It is definitely somewhere the kids would enjoy, as well as the ‘big’ kids.

Address: 35 Seymour St, Seville, VIC

Phone: 03 5964 2773



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