Friday, 31 October 2014

White Rabbit Restaurant

When I think of the White Rabbit, I am automatically thrown back into the world of Alice in Wonderland... I must have been quite fond of the story as I named my childhood cat Dinah after one of the Liddell’s cats (Caroll based the main character on Alice Liddell) and more recently named my cat Villikens after their other cat. Anyway, I’ve been to the White Rabbit in Brighton a number of times for family get-togethers and have found the food to be delightful.

Are you ‘curiouser and curiouser’ about the menu? Well, there is the ‘Brioche French Toast with banana and peanut butter ice-cream, pancetta crisps, salted caramel peanuts and Canadian maple ($18.90)’ or the ‘Pork and Pistachio Lyonnaise sausage, spicy beans, fresh herbs, poached eggs and pear relish ($18.90)’ for you to try.

The White Rabbit also has pizzas so we decided to split a pizza between us. We went with the ‘Mixed mushrooms, ricotta, roast garlic, rocket, and truffle oil ($19.50)’. I’ve had this before and really loved it but this time it was nowhere near as pleasing. The pizza still had a lovely thin base that I have enjoyed in the past but the astringent tomato sauce was very overbearing. A bianca base would be a better carrier for these delicate ingredients.

My dining companion ordered a latte ($3.50) and found it to be alright, but not great.

The service was much better than I have experienced in the past but I would probably try a different cafe along Church Street next time I am in Brighton...

Address: 118 Church St, Brighton, VIC

Phone: 03 9553 8344

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