Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pillar of Salt

Looking for something completely decadent? Then go no further than Pillar of Salt’s Mango, raspberry and walnut bread with passionfruit curd. Anyway, I’ll tell you about that later... Located in Richmond, on the corner of Church Street and Willis Street, Pillar of Salt is buried amongst the many showrooms along Church Street. Look for the black and white stripes and the crowd of eager diners waiting for a table.

We sat on the communal table today and didn’t have to wait. There’s also a courtyard out the back and a couple of tables out the front. Usually communal tables are great for a sneaky peak into the lives of others but today we sat next to the dullest guys ever. And the language! Didn’t know you could use the ‘F’ word to describe so many things... Anyway, the dishes on the weekend menu include the Vegie Burger- three bean and cashew burger with yoghurt, haloumi, kasoundi, wilted kale on ciabatta ($16.00) and Warmed organic rice pudding with stone fruits and blood plum coulis ($13.50). I chose the ‘Mango, raspberry and walnut bread with passionfruit curd’ ($14.00). Every mouthful just screamed decadence. Sweet, tangy, and scrummy, this was just a brilliant dish. It was a lovely change from the usual banana bread served at cafes. It could have perhaps had a little bit of cream to cut back the sweetness.

Mango, Raspberry and Walnut Bread

My dining companion chose the ‘Pillars red chilli scrambled eggs, julienne bacon, spring onion, parsley, parmesan, toast’ ($16.50)’. This was another delicious dish and had just the right amount of heat. As with this type of bread, it was a little bit difficult to cut through the crust though. I’m so over poached eggs now and this dish has made me revert back to good old scrambled eggs.
Pillar Red Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Five Senses coffee is served at Pillar of Salt and our lattes ($3.80) had some pretty fancy coffee art. They also tasted spectacular which is even more important.

The staff efficiently served us even though the place was packed. Pillar of Salt has definitely become one of my favourite cafés in Richmond.

Address: 541 Church St, Richmond, VIC

Phone: 03 9421 1550

Trading Hours: Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 16:30
              Sat: 08:00 - 17:00
               Sun: 08:00 - 17:00

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