Thursday, 14 November 2013

D. O. C. Mornington

Mornington is a great place to stretch your legs on your trip down to the beach. It’s even better if it happens to be around lunchtime as you can try one of Mornington’s many eateries. This time we thought we would try D.O.C. as we had cravings for some pizza.

Although the place was very busy, we were seated immediately at a table. Our table was crammed in the middle of a row of abutting tables. The menu was printed on a large piece of paper that later became our placemats. I lifted my cutlery to find lipstick on my serviette which was slightly off-putting. It wasn’t my shade of lipstick after all... I quickly swapped it with the recently vacated table next to me. We decided to share a pizza. A long list of pizzas are available but we chose the ‘Pizza Capricciosa Nuova– San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, leg ham, mushroom, artichoke and olive’ ($20.90). This was so bland it was very difficult to get down. It was soggy in the middle too. The best part was the crust... Sweaty, tasteless button mushrooms and an insipid tomato base did not help the cause. The pizza at Innocent Bystander is 100 per cent better.

Pizza Capricciosa Nuova

Our lattes ($3.80) were really, really cold. Coffee should not be boiling hot but this was very chilly. The best element of this place was the service. The team of Italian guys worked the floor like pros. However, this was not one of my favourite dining experiences...
Address: 22 Main St, Mornington, VIC
Phone: 03 5977 0988
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  1. gross about the lipstick. I've been a few times here and always had great food. Innocent Bystander also great :)


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