Saturday, 29 June 2013

Porgie and Mr Jones

I spent a lot of my early years at my great grandmother’s house in Auburn Road, Hawthorn and I thought I would go and see what it looks like now. Well... all I could see was a huge fence! I could have grabbed a ladder and peeked over the fence but I thought that would have looked a little suss... Maybe next time I could take a tall, gorgeous guy with me and sit on his shoulders so I can peep over the fence (I suppose he doesn’t have to actually be gorgeous to get the job done, but still...) but for now I am left to wonder what my great grandmother’s house looks like. Anyway, my girl friend and I thought as it was now lunch time, we could head down the road to Porgie and Mr Jones. The place was pretty busy which turned out to be a good thing because we got to sit in the fancy part at the back with the tablecloths. Porgie and Mr Jones and Snow Pony are owned by the same people, which you can certainly tell by their similar menus. I could have easily had the yummy Toasted Banana Bread with maple syrup mascarpone, fresh banana, berry compote and crushed pistachio ($15.90) that I have had at Snow Pony but I wanted to try something new. The Croissant with ham off the bone, bĂ©chamel, Emmental cheese and truss tomato ($7.50) sounded nice but I was feeling really hungry today. I decided to have the Roasted pumpkin cannelloni with tomato, olives, sage and chestnuts ($20.90) and I am glad I did! It was fantastic and they weren’t skimpy on the chestnuts. My friend went with the Toasted Piadini with Sopressa salami, black olive tapenade, and buffalo mozzarella with an added salad ($13.90). She enjoyed this very much. Our lattes ($3.50) were also really yummy. The service was very efficient, so much better than Snow Pony! If only my great grandmother was still alive...  she would have loved this place (actually she probably wouldn’t have liked it at all... but I do and can’t wait to come back).

Roasted Pumpkin Cannelloni
Address: 291 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn, VIC.

Phone: 03 9882 2955

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