Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tokyo Sake

Today I am off to a Japanese restaurant in Ringwood North. Situated on the corner of Dickson Crescent, Tokyo Sake is a warm and inviting restaurant with colourful lanterns adorning the ceiling. We were promptly seated and offered a menu. After ordering, a complementary palate cleanser of cabbage and perhaps an apple sauce arrived. I was a little concerned to find that they only had chopsticks on offer as I have always been completely useless when it comes to mastering them. However, today it was like I was possessed by a Japanese spirit and I was picking up even the hardest of objects with them! For our entree we selected the Gyoza ($8.50), pan fried Japanese style dumplings filled with pork and vegetables. I think I could have eaten at least five plates of these... The other entree we chose was the Tempura ($9.00), two deep fried prawns and three vegetables lightly battered. Also tasty but I really loved the dumplings... For my main I chose the Yaki Soba ($16.00), stir-fried soba noodles with tofu and vegetables including mushrooms and zucchini. It had a pleasant sauce coating the noodles and again I managed to use my chopsticks to consume the entire dish... My friend chose an entree sized Sashimi ($14.00) as part of his main. A selection of fresh raw fish slices served with soya and wasabi. I tried one of my friend’s tofu sashimi but didn’t realise he had added a lot of wasabi to the dipping sauce so after the initial shock, I found the sashimi to be delicious. He also grabbed some California Rolls ($10.00), seaweed rolls with crabmeat, cucumber, fish roe, carrot and mayonnaise with yoghurt and teriyaki sauce. Very yummy and I definitely think I will pick from the sushi menu next time although I would be very happy with a plate of dumplings... Anyway, for dessert we had the Banana Tempura ($8.50). Three pieces of deep-fried banana coated in batter and coconut then topped with syrup. This usually comes with a coconut ice-cream but our choices today were vanilla, mango, and green tea. I chose the green tea ice-cream which was great because the bitterness counteracted the sweetness of the syrup. Really yummy and a nice change from the usual banana fritters at other restaurants. Corkage is $2 per person which is very good. Overall the service was friendly and slightly slow from mains onward but it was a busy night. Tokyo Sake has rekindled my love of Japanese food which I find to be usually more tasty and interesting than Thai food. If only I can remember how to use chopsticks again next time...

Address: 174 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood North, VIC. 

Phone: 03 9876 7999

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