Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pie in the Sky

I used to come here all the time as a teenager with my family but haven’t been here for a few years now. The service was becoming rather slow so we ended up expanding our horizons and trying out other cafes in the Dandenongs for festive occasions. Anyway, today I wanted to revisit my old favourite and see if maybe it had returned to its former glory. The cafe consists of three levels. The bottom level is always best to be avoided in winter with the opening and closing door causing a rather chilly dining experience. This was of course not an issue today as it was very warm outside... and summer. We were quickly greeted and escorted to a table on the second level and provided with menus. We had a delightfully friendly waitress assisting us today which made me very optimistic that things have very much improved here. Our food arrived promptly which was also a sign things have improved. I decided on the Spinach and Potato Quiche ($15.40) as this was a much loved choice from when I used to visit here. A huge plate of food appeared comprising the very green quiche and lots of steakhouse chips with a wee bowl of tomato sauce. A salad chock-full of goodies also came with my meal. Mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, red onion, beetroot cubes, grated carrot, and last, but not least, alfalfa. I thought I would not be able to finish my meal but as it was extremely tasty I managed to just fit it in. One of my friends ordered the ‘Gold Medal Winning’ Aussie Meat Pie with chips ($10.90). This was full of flavour and no gristle which is always a winner with pies. My other friend ordered the Country Pie ($6.40) on its own. Mashed potato, boiled egg, diced bacon, onions, capsicum, diced tomatoes, and carrot. A yummy creation indeed. We usually go with chips as a side as the mashed potato tastes kind of like Deb. Of course they may have improved this since we were last here... My friends had cappuccinos ($3.80). These were not too bad but had a slightly burnt taste. I opted for the Irish Tea ($3.50). This came with one of those massive teabags and was flavoursome. I used to always have the Pecan Pie ($7.00) but glancing at the cake display that seems to be the only cake that has not shrunk to a teeny weenie size! Bring back the normal size wedges of cake please... Devonshire tea is also on offer ($9.40) that includes a hot drink with the price and thankfully is served with raspberry jam. The main problem that seems to be still persisting is that when it is time to pay, there is usually a mass of people buying take away pies making it a very long wait to just pay your bill. Maybe more than one person is needed down there to get things moving along. In any case, the service here was very good today and the food was excellent so I think I shall be returning soon to this old favourite.

Address: 43 Olinda-Monbulk Rd, Olinda, VIC.  

Phone: 03 9751 2128


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