Sunday, 13 January 2013


Bliss is perfectly located in the Burwood shopping strip (ok, ok it’s now called Camberwell), with a corner position allowing lots of outside tables. Today, every table was taken except the large communal table running down the middle of the cafe. But then one of the larger tables became free so we quickly acquired it. Big, movable benches made it quite difficult to make a graceful landing, especially when wearing a dress! Once we finally managed to settle into position we could look at the menu. I ordered the Eggs Benedict ($12.90) with smoked salmon and spinach (yes I know, I order smoked salmon a lot...) This dish looked appetising so I quickly dug in but shock, horror, my eggs were ‘hard poached’. And these were not just a little over-cooked. Rarely does this happen but unfortunately it did spoil an otherwise very good dish. Two of my friends ordered the Breakfast Wrap ($9.90). Scrambled egg, hash brown, bacon, and BBQ sauce wrapped up. Very tasty. My other friend ordered the BLT ($12.90). Turkish bread filled with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and two fried eggs with an aioli. Also tasty. My friends ordered coffees ($3.50) which tasted pretty good but were a bit on the cool side. I decided to have tea ($3.50) instead as it was a hot day and also as they had T2 Irish tea, which is one of my favourites. The tea came out in a tiny metal teapot and a clear, plastic cup and saucer to put it into. Not a big fan of the plastic cup and saucer as the tea gets cold pretty quickly rather than in your usual ceramic. The milk came in one of those mini, ceramic latte cups which of course I spilt everywhere because I am the most clumsy person in the world. A little jug for milk would be a better vessel for folk like me. Cakes were your usual mass produced, bought in cakes that really don’t tempt the tastebuds. Service was excellent. Greeted when entering and overall very attentive. The fact that they were mostly young men didn’t hurt either...

Address: 1393 Toorak Rd, Camberwell, VIC

Phone: 03 9889 9600

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