Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jump Inn

I love heading up to Kellybrook Winery and gazing over the beautiful vineyard with the poplars. Instantly I am transported to France. Well actually I’m in Wonga Park but a girl can dream... After taking in the amazing views, we head to Wonga Park’s only daytime eatery, the Jump Inn. I’ve never been here before and was surprised to find a homely interior with a large open fireplace. I wish they had lit a fire today because it was pretty cold during our lunch... The place was full but we managed to get a table. The menu showed a range of lunch and pub style meals with a particular leaning towards chicken... Chicken and Mushroom Crepe, Chicken BLT, Chicken and Avocado Focaccia, Chicken Schnitzel Focaccia, Open Chicken Souvlaki, Chicken Parmigiana... Chicken is my least favourite protein so I went for the Fish and Chips ($22.50) because the fish was flathead tails, which I love. This came with chips, salad and a tomato relish. A very generous serve and definitely much better quality than what is offered at your usual suburban pub (It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the lack of quality offered by such establishments...). Everything on the plate was excellent and the salad was interesting and the relish yummy. My friend went with a slightly retro option. The Seafood Crepe ($18.90), a selection of seafood sautéed in white wine and garlic béchamel sauce, garnished with parmesan and fresh parsley. This was gobbled up and apparently very tasty. Table service is provided here and overall our service was fine. After lunch we ordered some lattes ($3.50) which were okay. A table nearby ordered a high tea which was enormous for the two of them but they certainly looked like they were enjoying it. Something to remember for the future... Anyway, next time you have the craving for some quality pub fare, head over to the Jump Inn and you won’t be disappointed.

Address: 70 Jumping Creek Rd, Wonga Park, VIC.
Phone: 03 9722 1201
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