Friday, 10 May 2013

Snow Pony

Now this cafe certainly has had mixed reviews... some people love it while others were not happy at all. So today I thought I would see for myself what Snow Pony is actually like. We found the cafe easily by the obvious white horse on the top of the cafe. The place was packed but we managed to grab some seats down the end of the window counter. We were offered some menus but then the wait began... We had to wait for ages to have our order taken. Though there were a number of waiters, they seemed to be wandering around but achieving very little. This is really bad for me and my dining companions because all that extra time allows me to change my mind as to what I should order... I was thinking of ordering the B.L.A.T. Baguette ($11.90), bacon, baby cos, smashed avocado, truss tomato and mustard aioli but I decided to go with a ‘Snow Pony Classic’ and thus ordered the Toasted banana bread ($14.90). Two large chunks of banana bread sandwiched two slices of fresh banana and maple syrup mascarpone. More of the mascarpone was added on top, then scattered with crushed pistachios and the berry compote. This was well worth the disorganised waiters. The blueberries were so plump and fresh and the very plentiful pistachios really made the dish yummy. My friend went with the ‘Bang Bang’ eggs ($15.90) which were poached on toasted grain bread with spinach, roasted red pepper and tomato, and hazelnut dukkah. Also, very good. As for beverages, judging from our bill, the coffees are $3.50. Our lattes were so delicious! I would come back here just for the coffee, it was that good. Cakes were displayed on the counter and the muffin ($4.00) available today was white chocolate and banana. Overall, very good food and coffee but someone needs to whip those boys into shape...

Address: 95 Whitehorse Rd, Deepdene, VIC.
Phone: 03 9816 8911
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