Friday, 4 January 2013

Bohemia Cakes

A trip to Maling Road but alas a lot of the places are closed because it is the Christmas/New Year period. We were intending to go to Cafe Eden for lunch but it was so busy. We kept walking and came across Bohemia Cakes where we spied an empty table inside. Bohemia Cakes is a small cafe with five tables inside and some more tables out the front. Clearly cakes are their main fare as the menu is quite limited. Sandwiches and pastries make up the menu. Pies and pastries are $6.10. I debated whether to get a pastry dish but instead went with a sandwich option. I chose the Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, capers, and rocket sandwich ($7.90). My friend chose the Egg, lettuce, and mayo sandwich ($5.90). The sandwiches arrived on sweet, glass dishes which were very endearing. The sandwiches were small and on wholemeal bread but sadly some ingredients were missing. My sandwich tasted yummy but did not include the rocket specified on the menu and my friend’s sandwich didn’t have any mayo! An egg sandwich without mayonnaise will simply not do. Cafes around Melbourne seem to have forgotten how an egg sandwich should be made. A cafe I go to in Bayswater is the only place I have been to that make their egg sandwiches the correct way. Chopped, not sliced, egg and then mixed with mayonnaise plus shredded iceberg lettuce. Coffee tasted good but was cold. My cappuccino ($3.50) at least came in a nice, big cup. There are a number of cakes (around $6.30) to choose from including a vanilla slice, Vienna ring, apple strudel, and fruit tarts. Service was adequate, perhaps a little slow. Food is good value and this cafe is a good option if seeking a less hectic venue in Maling Road.  

Address: 68 Maling Rd, Canterbury, VIC.  

Phone: 03 9830 5004


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