Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Top 5 Christmas Garden Tips, By Botanic Revival

Believe it or not Christmas is just around the corner! As lovely as it might be to coffee it up in the myriad of wonderful caf├ęs that Melbourne has to offer, it is now time to get creative in the garden to ensure it is party ready for the festive season. Here are my top five tips for adding bling to your garden…

Petunias bring a colourful zing that radiates happiness. Plant seedlings in either the garden or in pots.

How can anyone not love roses? Dead-head regularly so that you will have plenty of follow on blooms. Feed every six weeks for the best results. They will love you for it.

Feed your gardenias if their leaves are looking yellow. Magnesium should green them up but if that doesn’t work a little iron chelates may be needed as well.

Time to replant some pretty perennials. Salvias are great as they grow quickly and bring plenty of bees and gorgeous butterflies to visit.

Don’t forget to plant plenty of herbs so that they are always there when you need them. Nothing is more luxurious than having your own ready supply of fresh herbs to glorify your festive fare.

Merry Christmas and Happy Gardening!

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