Monday, 17 March 2014

Madame Mango

The heart of Camberwell can be rather hectic. Awhile ago we were in Camberwell and felt like a relaxed lunch so we made our way to the quieter end of Burke Road. Instead of fighting for car spaces near the junction, we easily parked the car and strolled over to Madame Mango which is situated on the corner of Burke Road and Broadway. We were warmly welcomed into the cafe and seated at a table in the front window. The service really was cheerful and charming here, something that can be severely lacking at efficient hipster cafés...

The menu has a large range of interesting dishes that should cover everybody’s tastes. Items on the menu include Quinoa and Apricot Pudding ($12.60), Russian Flat Cakes ($15.00), and a Roast Beef Open Sandwich ($18.60). The specials were enticing, especially the Pumpkin Croquettes Salad ($11.40) - three homemade pumpkin croquettes with salad. However, I opted for the Poached Italia ($15.70) - homemade polenta and pumpkin bread, pesto, cream cheese, and sundried tomatoes beside poached eggs. It was nice to have something a bit inventive. Anyone can make eggs on toast at home (well, nearly everyone...), so it’s good to see cafés being more imaginative with their menus. The eggs were poached perfectly and the polenta and pumpkin bread was quite flavoursome.
Poached Italia

My dining companion chose the Benedictine Eggs ($16.40) - rich hollandaise sauce on poached eggs, bacon, and spinach with a side of grilled cherry tomatoes. This meal was very well received.  
 Benedictine Eggs

My latte ($3.50) was not too bad but next time I might have some tea instead as they have a vast selection of T2 teas ($4.00) including Turkish Apple and Choc Chip Chai.

Madame Mango is a great place if you are seeking a leisurely lunch served by lovely people, rather than hipster robots...

Address: 768 Burke Rd, Camberwell, VIC

Phone: 03 9813 4070
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