Thursday, 28 November 2013

Third Wave Café

Some of you may already have visited the Third Wave Café in Port Melbourne but now they have opened a second establishment in Prahran.

Located parallel to Chapel Street in Cato Street, Third Wave Café has a massive menu that includes Russian, American and even a Paleo menu. Their chef is Ryo Kitahara, a protégé of Iron Chef Sakai. Third Wave has a super cool interior and I love the vertical garden on the back wall.


They use Five Senses coffee and my latte ($3.80) was good, but I would have preferred less foam and more coffee. A cute meringue accompanied our coffees.

The dishes we chose today were the Mushroom Blintzes and the Reuben Sandwich. The ‘Mushroom Blintzes - fried mushrooms, cheese and spices ($18.90)’ were so gorgeous... Full of flavour and sprinkled with dill, the blintzes also had a pot of sour cream to go with them but I think they were rich enough on their own.

The ‘Reuben Sandwich - slow smoked beef brisket in a toasted rye with layers of pickles, swiss cheese, coleslaw, and house made zesty BBQ sauce ($16.90)’ was also fantastic. This came with a big pickle and some super crunchy chips.
The service was very friendly but their food really was the standout. So, head down to Third Wave and try their menu if you are craving some food that has lots of flavour...
Disclaimer: Miss Sage Sugar was invited by Third Wave Café. Although our dining experience was complementary, this review is an honest account of our time at Third Wave Café.
Address: 30 Cato St, Prahran, VIC.


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  1. I have been their Port Melbourne regular customer for nearly 2 years and always satisfied with what they offer! Such a delightful experience is trying their food ! Since they opened for dinner, their smoked Chicken and smoked salmon is phenomenal. I have not been in their Prahran branch yet, but I am going to try there soon. BTW, I do not live in Melbourne. I am from regional VIC. So Third Wave is one reason to hit to Melbourne some time !

    1. I am sure you will enjoy the Prahran branch too :)

  2. I had the Russian sampler plate with the syrniki - if you'd said I'd enjoy pancakes with sour cream and blueberry jam beforehand I would have laughed. It was delish. A good find!

    1. Yum! Will have to try that next time :)


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