Thursday, 31 October 2013

Laksa King

It’s been ages since I have had a laksa so I thought a trip to the Laksa King seemed like the obvious solution. The Laksa King is positioned in a beautiful area of Flemington with lovely old houses and tree lined streets. We thought we might have to book a table but we arrived just after noon and had no problem finding a table. Things did start to get really busy later though so don’t leave it too late!

We ordered some Chinese Tea which cost only $0.60 per head. Much better value than HuTong Dumpling Bar which charge $3.00 per head. Now feeling refreshed, we started with some Roti with satay sauce ($6.80). The roti was tasty and not too greasy which can be a problem with roti sometimes. The satay sauce was quite sweet but also delicious.

Roti with satay sauce

Now, for the laksa... I narrowed it down to two choices: The ‘Vegetarian curry laksa ($9.80) with mixed seasonal vegetables and tofu’ which is also vegan friendly and the ‘Combination curry laksa ($9.80) with mixed noodles, shrimp, fishcake and chicken’. I decided to have the Combination curry laksa. This was absolutely the best laksa I have ever had. A gigantic bowl of a very flavoursome broth that was nice and spicy. It was full of noodles and I loved the additional pillows of luscious tofu and creamy eggplant. The roti helped to cool my mouth when needed.

Combination Laksa
My friend chose the Scallop curry laksa ($14.50). This was even better than my laksa. It was jam-packed with lots of juicy scallops and I think I will give this laksa a go next time...
Scallop Laksa
The service was super friendly and we felt very welcomed. We left the Laksa King full of delicious Malaysian cooking and definitely needed to burn it off with a walk around the gorgeous backstreets...

Address: 6 - 12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington, VIC

Phone: 03 9372 6383

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