Friday, 9 August 2013

Chapter Too

My favourite Heathmont cafe Spot + Nosh was closed for renovations the other week and thus gave me the opportunity to try out Chapter Too down the road. By the way, Spot + Nosh has re-opened as The Village Food Store which I hope to visit soon... Anyway, Chapter Too is quite a large cafe that is also open Friday and Saturday night for dinner. The dinner menu looks divine and is a great alternative to your local Thai or Indian for a night out. We sat next to the beautiful wall made up of white-washed books with flying birds painted over the top. During the course of our lunch we had many different waitresses that all provided fantastic service. The menu consisted of breakfast dishes that are available all day and a lunch menu. From the breakfast menu, the Mushroom Bruschetta ($17.00) of toasted sourdough with a ragu of wild mushroom and Persian feta drizzled with truffle oil was very tempting. The Shared Brekkie ($33.00) would be a great option if your companion had similar tastes to you. A sharing board of eggs anyway you like, toasted sourdough, chorizo, avocado, feta, house made hash browns, baked beans, vine tomatoes and toasted banana bread with berries, maple syrup and almond mascarpone. I felt like something from the lunch menu today. I considered The Burger ($18.00), 100% grilled Aussie beef burger with a beetroot relish, bacon, aioli and melted maffra cheddar on a toasted Turkish round served with herb salted chips. In the end I decided to go with the Seafood Salad ($17.00). Pan fried scallops and tiger prawns in a rice noodle salad tossed with peanuts, coriander, crunchy wombok with a soy and sesame dressing. Wow... Three huge, juicy scallops and three prawns crowned my dish. They tasted amazing and the salad underneath matched perfectly. I’m glad I eventually decided on this meal. My friend opted for the Winter Kick Start ($13.00) with a poached egg for an extra $3. Boiled potato, roasted pumpkin, baby beetroot, crisp pancetta, feta, green beans, pumpkin seeds and a house made vinaigrette. Another massive but delicious meal. Neither of us could finish our food due to the size but we both decided this is a wonderful cafe. Our coffees ($3.50) were lovely, hipster coffees. Such a rarity in the outer east but very much appreciated. Very excited to find yet another great cafe in Melbourne.  

Address: Shop 3, 110 Canterbury Rd, Heathmont, VIC.

Phone: 03 9720 0544

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Seafood Salad
Winter Kick Start with added poached egg


  1. I like the look of the winter kick start - perfect for the weather we have at the moment!

    1. I had a bit of the beetroot in the Winter Kick Start and it tasted delicious :) Definitely a yummy, healthy dish.

  2. I've been wondering what this one is like- I drive past it daily!


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